Wallpaper Usage Terms

 Please read the following terms before you download my wallpapers, by downloading my wallpapers you agree to the below terms:
  • Anyone may use these wallpapers as a background on any monitor attached to a work or personal computer or on any smart phone or other mobile device, for free, as a desktop wallpaper only.
  • All wallpaper images may be used, as is, only for the purpose for which they were designed, namely, as desktop wallpapers and may not be modified (the signature on the bottom is part of the wallpaper and may not be removed) and/or redistributed without my express permission. Any other use is strictly forbidden.
  • Linking to the download files directly s not allowed (you can link to the Wallpaper page).
  • You agree that you are downloading, installing and using these images at your own and sole risk.
  • The copyright on these wallpapers/images remain mine.