About Me

My interest in graffiti started in 1985 when I saw the Style Wars documentary about New York graffiti. I created my first pieces in Geldrop but quickly expanded to the city of Eindhoven and later to the rest of the Netherlands and beyond. In my active graffiti career, which lasted until 1997, I painted walls, trains and everything else all over Europe but also in the USA. Ever since 1997 I try to paint at least one piece a year to maintain my skills and contact with my graffiti friends.

Over time in the nineties I also got interested in other arts than graffiti and thus decided to join the Art Academy in Tilburg. And even though my work was primarily graffiti they still let me in. I later moved to the Willem de Koning Academy in Rotterdam and successfully completed it in 1997 as 3D designer/sculptor.

During my time at the academy I also got very interested in photography but it took me until 2012 to really get me started in that area when I bought a new camera. Nowadays I try to go out at least once a week with my Nikon D610 or Nikon F5 to photograph the nature in Noord Brabant or anywhere else I go to. Not that I only photograph nature but I just happen to enjoy the beauty of nature the most. But I also like to photograph cities, people, objects or shows (like for instance the UC Dance Theatershow in 2012).

Interested in my work? I publish my work on the following sites on a regular basis:

Next to that you can also follow me on twitter: @Deshamer1 ( http://twitter.com/deshamer1). Sadly all my graffiti photo’s which were hosted by Streetfiles.org are gone when that platform ceased to exist. But I will look into new opportunities to publish this vast archive of work.

Photo copyright Jeroen Krab

Here you see me at work in the Speulderbos on a magical late autumn morning. Thanks Jeroen Krab for making this great photo and letting me use it here on this site!