Welcome to my website, I hope you will have a good time and enjoy my work as much I do. Because I sure enjoyed creating these images: from walking around and finding that nice spot or vista till post-processing the photo’s ready for publishing…I love it all.

As you can see I have a special love for nature in particular and all landscapes in general. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy and capture those first sunbeams in the morning or see the last light of the day lighting up the clouds. And it always surprises me how wonderful the light is and how different from the day or week before even if you are at the exact same spot. And the good thing is: that spot doesn’t have to be a far and remote location.

No, I learned through my photographic adventures that even close to home there are these magic places. Locations like the the Strabrechtse Heide and De Gijzenrooise Zeggen are my current favorites and I will visit them more often in the future as they are only a few miles from my home. So when done, please come back later as this site is updated regularly!


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