This year I painted again on the Step in the Arena graffiti festival in Eindhoven. This time I painted one of the tunnel walls with my friends Milk, CES53 and Fume. It was great to be painting, talking and having fun again with my old pals. Talking about the good […]

The last two days I spend most of my time in the Berenkuil in Eindhoven because of the Step In The Arena graffiti festival. It was great to talk to all these friends of the past and speak to some new ones. People like Ces53, Swet, Virus, Jerk, Caz, Tape, […]

I found out yesterday that is dead and that they moved to Facebook and Flickr. That is; they use Facebook for communication and Flickr to store their photo’s. The latter being just what they think was the best work of what was on the original That means for […]

…but not that long ago my name was on the flyers of the Meeting of Styles event in 2006. Together with good friends CES53, Fume and Milk we painted a wall (see above) that looked pretty good in my opinion. Always good to meet up with my graffiti friends so […]

My oldest daughter wanted to do her annual speech at school about graffiti, so we worked together to create a nice PowerPoint presentation. This of course meant going through some old files and searching for interesting stuff on the internet that she could use. That brought back a lot of […]