Another sunrise shoot at the Waschven, nothing too spectacular but nice nevertheless. It is just great to enjoy nature like this on my own…. On the road – Route: Around the Waschven (Strabrechtse Heide) – Time: 1 Hour (07:30 – 08:30) – Total pictures: 13 – Comments: Windy morning that […]

On the road – Route: Near the Prins Willem Alexanderbrug (on the Echteld side of the river Waal) – Time: 2 Hours (07:30 – 09:30) – Total pictures: 32 – Comments: Worthless sunrise (did not see a single glimpse of the sun even though partially cloudy was forecasted) Made a […]

A sunset that started of rather dull as the sky was totally covered with clouds, turned nice an hour later when the sun found a way through the clouds. The effect was stormy looking vista on a beautiful beach. A beach which is not just a straight north to south […]

Since June this year I am a subscriber to magazine and as such also have access to their online content (which I really like). I had browsed around their site and had seen the photo section and liked the quality of the photo’s and the fact that people seem […]

Parts of this website might not be working in the next few weeks due to a small/big overhaul. How small or big the overhaul will be I am not sure of yet. This depends on my available free time and how far I dare to go but here are some […]

A quick shoot while partying for 5 days on the island of Ibiza. So not much time to properly prepare (finding the good photo locations with TPE) and execute. Maybe that is also the reason why I am not really happy with the result. On the road – Route: Punta […]

I couldn’t resist a beautiful foggy morning like this and decided to make a quick visit to the Herbertusbossen in Heeze before going to work. It turned out to be a good decision as the sun was playing with the fog in the forest lanes and you can imagine the […]

With the recent purchase of a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/4 G VR Micro my lens line-up is complete (for now that is as you never know :-)). I had some doubt between this lens and the 200mm Micro but ultimately choose this lens as it fits in my bag […]

Sometimes things just don’t go as you planned and wanted but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. This was the case when Joep de Groot and I went for a shoot in the Malpie (a small heathland south of Valkenswaard). The sunrise did not match the forecast and as […]

If only I had prepared better the day before (see Report: Agios Gordios (2014-08-07)) and captured that beautiful sunset on this location. I had checked the Agios Gordios beach with Google Maps and thought that the south side (with some nice rock formations) was visually more interesting than the north […]