And again we (I was together with Nando Harmsen) had the pleasure to photograph another beautiful foggy morning on the Strabrechtse Heide. This time we were at the Waschven which was completely filled with  a low fog. But with the sun rising the fog slowly lost it’s power and the […]

During a quick visit to the kids and my parents, who were camping in Luxembourg, my dad and I found some time to walk for an hour through the nearby forest. Luckily I brought my camera (sadly forgot my tripod) and was able to make some photo’s of this nice […]

Sometimes I feel so lucky that I am able to go out on these great mornings (although a bit early :-)) and experience and capture another amazing sunrise. This time I went to one of my favorite spots on the Strabrechtse Heide which is the Grafven. The reason it is […]

A great sunrise together with Joep de Groot; where we cycled around from fen to fen. We started at a unnamed fen between the Beuven and the Starven, than moved to the Beuven and Starven. Later we cycled more to the east where we photographed the Peelrijt before moving on […]

Another day on the Braakhuizense Heide with a very nice foggy sunrise but sadly a lot of airplane trails that made some shots worthless. It was a great morning nevertheless and I made some photo’s that I am really happy about! On the road – Route: Around the Scheidingsven and […]

Another trip to a great photo location in the Belgian Ardennes but this time together with Nando Harmsen and Hetwie. The Val de la Hoegne is so great and I am definitely returning there more often. On the road – Route: Val de la Hoegne – Time: 6 Hours (07:30 […]

I don’t have very much to say about this shoot as it wasn’t very interesting both from a location as well from a sunrise perspective. Oh well, shit happens and maybe more luck next time! On the road – Route: Around the Grootven (Braakhuizense Heide) – Time: 2 Hours (06:30 […]

One of these mornings that everything looks so beautiful and the Strabrechtse Heide is at it’s best with a little bit of fog. It is a privilege to enjoy it every time I am there! On the road – Route: Around the Grafven (Strabrechtse Heide) – Time: 3.5 Hours (06:30 […]

It was good to be back on the shores of the Waschven and it was a first to be there during sunset. Accessing the Waschven for sunset is a little bit more difficult and personally I like the sunrise view more. But nevertheless I was treated on a pretty nice […]

Two weeks ago we spend a long weekend with the family in the German Eifel and we had a very good time. Just like we always have when we spend short holidays in Germany: friendly people,good accommodations, cheap food, good beer and wine and all that in lovely landscapes. Enough […]