Location 3 on the photo trip with Eelco and one we could not resist given the time of the year. On the road – Route: Lisse – Time: 1.5 Hours (11:00 – 12:30) – Total pictures: 52 – Comments: After a long drive we arrived at the third location of […]

After the sunrise at the Grafven we (Eelco and myself) decided to move on only a few km to the east to the Herbertusbossen in Heeze. We had hoped the fog would have not been removed by the sun but sadly we only saw a little bit of it when […]

First location on a photo trip with Eelco, who joined me on a trip through the Netherlands (on 5 locations!). The reason for Eelco joining me was that I put the “photograph a sunrise on the Strabrechtse Heide” on his bucketlist when he had his 40th birthday. However, we decided […]

Last report from my photo shoots during our short family holiday in Dorset, UK. Again a stunning location but also again not a great sunrise with a cloudy sky and very strong winds. I am nevertheless pretty happy with the end results and especially with the photo published as Old […]

Quick sunset shoot while being in Dorset during a family holiday. An amazing location with views on Durdle Door, Bat’s Head and the Man o War Ba, each of which are interesting as a photo location on their own. The main difficulty is that there are already so many photo’s […]

During our short holiday to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset (UK) I went out to photograph a few times. High on my list of photo locations was a place named Mupe Bay. Main reason for my interest was the fact the location has some nice rock ridges running in to […]

Last stop on a photo day trip with Nando Harmsen. Pretty nice sunset with amazing clouds but sadly when the sun really went down a lot of clouds on the horizon blocked the coloring of other clouds. As a location Oostkappele is great if you don’t mind a long walk […]

Fourth stop on a photo day trip with Nando Harmsen in the Dutch province Zeeland. Meant to be just a quick reconnaissance check turned out to be better than expected. That is, from a location perspective…I was not really happy with the photo’s I made. Oh well, shit happens and […]

Second and third stop on a photo day trip with a href=”http://www.nandoonline.com/” target=”_blank”>Nando Harmsen. The first one being just a few hundred meters from the Zeelandbrug and still in the municipality of Colijnsplaat. We saw the field on our way to bridge and thought it looked rather nice with great […]

With the meteorological summer coming to an end so does my inactivity with regard to my photography. And inactive I was: I only went out photographing once in June (at De Zeggen in Geldrop/Eindhoven together with Joep de Groot) and once in August (in Tholen) and did no post processing […]