After a nice day sailing we arrived at what can be described and thus also nicknamed BBQ Bay. We enjoyed the watersports, a couple of beers, a campfire and of course a great BBQ. In between all that fun I tried to capture the sunset and the sunrise the next […]

A couple of months ago I bought a MacBook Pro to be able to work on my photography everywhere I wanted instead of always in my study. I thought about just buying a normal laptop with Windows but since I also love my iPhone and iPad I decided to make […]

Left the home a bit earlier to do a quick shoot at the Zeelandbrug near Colijnsplaat before going to work in The Hague. Love the lines of the bridge (5000 meters long) that lead the eye to the distant horizon. And thus are great leading lines that lead the eye […]

On the road – Route: Sagiada – Time: 1 Hour (20:00 – 21:00) – Total pictures: 47 – Comments:  Sunset shoot at the harbor of the small Greek village of Sagaida Later that night we endured a terrible storm in the same harbor (which was pretty terrifying on a small […]

I decided to check out the Zandmotor (near Kijkduin and Monster on the Dutch coast) after work as it looked like a nice spot on Google maps. It turned out to be very nice but also very crowded. Crowded by a lot of kite surfers and even though these make […]

Agni was the first destination on our sailing trip around Kerkyra/Corfu this summer. Nice little bay with a few restaurants facing east (to Albania), so perfect for sunrise photography. On the road – Route: Agni (Kerkyra) – Time: 1.5 Hours (06:00 – 07:30) – Total pictures: 64 – Comments:  Sunrise […]

Great sunset on an amazing location: the shipwreck near Wierum that is only visible and accessible by foot during low tide. But the low tide is not just great for showing the shipwreck and rows of little poles that create great leading lines, but it also transforms the seafloor into […]

And again we (I was together with Nando Harmsen) had the pleasure to photograph another beautiful foggy morning on the Strabrechtse Heide. This time we were at the Waschven which was completely filled with  a low fog. But with the sun rising the fog slowly lost it’s power and the […]

During a quick visit to the kids and my parents, who were camping in Luxembourg, my dad and I found some time to walk for an hour through the nearby forest. Luckily I brought my camera (sadly forgot my tripod) and was able to make some photo’s of this nice […]

Sometimes I feel so lucky that I am able to go out on these great mornings (although a bit early :-)) and experience and capture another amazing sunrise. This time I went to one of my favorite spots on the Strabrechtse Heide which is the Grafven. The reason it is […]