Just like I did for my Nikon D7000, I am posting my camera settings for the Nikon D610 (I know it is a bit late as I have this camera for over a year now). The sheet includes (just like I did in the D7000 settings sheet) all my standard […]

After my failure of recreating some of my earlier photo’s of the Strabrechtse Heide in winter style, I thought of another location that I have been to that would suit a bit of snow. So I came up with the idea to go back to the Val de la Hoegne, […]

This was one of those times when you have an idea in your mind but you just can’t capture it. Not because of technical limitations but because the idea was just not well thought off. In this case I wanted to recapture a few of my favorite images (Strabrechtse Heide […]

During a short family holiday in the German Eiffel, my brother in law Maurice and I went out to photograph around a nearby lake. He did some photography years ago so with some instructions about the usage of the Nikon F5, he was good to go. Sunrise wasn’t very good […]

Last stop on the photo trip with Nando Harmsen was to the port of Holwerd. The sunset was okish but it all turned bad when, after shooting my last photo (how ironic), my camera slipped out of the ball head grip. By the clash on the concrete the lens broke […]

Second stop on the photo trip with Nando Harmsen was at the Waddenzee near Zwarte Haan (Sint Jacobiparochie). The Kouwe Faart ends in the sea here and we thought it might be a good sunset spot. However, the land on the west side of the Kouwe Faart is higher than […]

First shoot on a photo trip with Nando Harmsen, and the beautiful Speulderbos forest near the village of Garderen is a great way to start this trip. The weather forecast was good but sadly reality did not live up to that. There was only a very faint bit of fog […]

Every photo trip is another experience but some are just better than others. This one was not really good and I did not return home with the feeling I made some good shots. Only one to blame really is myself but I just found it very hard to make a […]

Another sunrise shoot at the Waschven, nothing too spectacular but nice nevertheless. It is just great to enjoy nature like this on my own…. On the road – Route: Around the Waschven (Strabrechtse Heide) – Time: 1 Hour (07:30 – 08:30) – Total pictures: 13 – Comments: Windy morning that […]

On the road – Route: Near the Prins Willem Alexanderbrug (on the Echteld side of the river Waal) – Time: 2 Hours (07:30 – 09:30) – Total pictures: 32 – Comments: Worthless sunrise (did not see a single glimpse of the sun even though partially cloudy was forecasted) Made a […]