This year I painted again on the Step in the Arena graffiti festival in Eindhoven. This time I painted one of the tunnel walls with my friends Milk, CES53 and Fume. It was great to be painting, talking and having fun again with my old pals. Talking about the good […]

When arriving at a small fen I had not yet visited before it became clear it wasn’t as good as I expected: no great leading lines or subjects I could use in my compositions. As the sky started coloring pink I quickly moved a bit more east to the north […]

A boring sunset on a new spot I found on the Strabrechtse Heide, need to go back there as this shoot wasn’t very successful. On the road – Route: Near the Beuven (Strabrechtse Heide) – Time: 1 Hour (16:30 – 17:30) – Total pictures: 45 – Comments: Boring sunset with […]

After the recon trip the week before this seemed to be a great day to return to the Kampina: fog and sun were forecasted for this cold winter day. The fog was there but the sun was not able to shine through a thick layer of low clouds. Oh well, […]

My first time at the Kampina and I have to say I quite liked it. This heathland is a bit different than the Strabrechtse Heide. It has some very nice fens and all are very near to each other. As this was just a quick recon trip I am looking […]

First shoot of the year and a pretty good one if I may say so. Not that the weather was according to the forecast but it was was nice nevertheless. On the road – Route: Around the Scheidingsven and Kiezelven (Braakhuizense Heide) – Time: 2.5 Hours (08:00 – 10:30) – […]

Luckily I did not forgot my tripod when going to the Starven for sunset this time and thus as was able to create some nice long exposures. The sky was full of nice pink colors but sadly the western skies were covered in airplane trails. As such I moved to […]

The editor(‘s) of the Dutch photography site (and magazine) added my photo Putrajaya 13-2 to their latest collection: Kleur blauw (Dutch for “Color blue”). And for good reason as this image is very very blue, of course added and emphasized during post processing. The original Putrajaya 13, as published […]

Note to self: always double check before leaving the house for a quick sunset photography shoot, even though it will cost a few more minutes! Not doing so resulted in me forgetting to take my tripod and thus I had to shoot handheld. Not something I really like, for some […]

After spending a good part of the day on the Maasvlakte we had to quickly jump in the car and race to our next destination: Het Zwin. Het Zwin is a tidal channel and looks a lot like a delta and is situated right on the border of Belgium and […]