It is pretty unusual for me to publish 18 images from one shoot but when I do you can imagine how good of a shoot is was. The strange thing was that I was struggling a bit in the beginning and had to find my way. It was the first […]

This was weird; I anticipated on morning fog and thus wanted to recreate one of my favorite photo’s (Heeze 19), failed because of cows and a bull coming to close and still be very happy with the shoot. My grumpiness over failing the shot quickly vanished and made me keen […]

Going out for another day of photography madness with Nando Harmsen is as good as it gets and this was no exception. Autumn was at it’s high with amazing colors all around and the Ninglinspo is a very nice river with lot’s of small waterfalls. I think I even like […]

Another shoot during one of our many short family trips, this time in autumn to the German Eifel. The Eifel is a beautiful place to see and photograph some great autumn colors. Which is exactly what I planned on doing and ultimately did as it took me some time to […]

Euh, not much to say about this shoot as it was kind of uninteresting. But I had a good time nevertheless enjoying a part of the Strabrechtse Heide that I did not yet visit and where I should really return with a bit more fog. On the road – Route: […]

Wow, I can’t remember I have published so many images from 1 photo shoot. And that from a sunrise that wasn’t all that great with regard to colorful clouds. But the fog and the low sun did create a magic atmosphere and enabled me to create some images that I […]

Second and sadly the last shoot during our trip to Ibiza. But what a spectacular but short sunrise it turned out to be. This location on the south east corner of Ibiza is amazing with the island of Formentara on the south eastern horizon. The rock formations on the east […]

Another short holiday to the party island of Ibiza. Luckily I was able to go out to photograph a few times. This day we did a tour around the island with our little party squad and Sunset Ashram was the last stop on the tour. We had made reservations in […]

My first photo shoot on the Strabrechtse Heide again after not going there for over 3 months. I was surprised by the low water level which I hope will soon be back at more normal levels. Especially with all the work (read: cutting large amounts of trees) Staatbosbeheer put into […]

On 3 and 4 October of this year UC Dance presented their 2nd dance theater show “Nobody’s Perfect” in De Hofnar in Valkenswaard and again I was asked to photograph the event. Photographing such an event is a real challenge (at least to me) for several reasons. First the amount […]