With the meteorological summer coming to an end so does my inactivity with regard to my photography. And inactive I was: I only went out photographing once in June (at De Zeggen in Geldrop/Eindhoven together with Joep de Groot) and once in August (in Tholen) and did no post processing […]

The start of an exhausting day on the road and behind the camera was an early one as we (Nando Harmsen joined me on this trip) had to drive for 1.5 hours before reaching our sunrise spot at the Zeelandbrug. Sunrise was just average but the clouds got some color […]

After little more then 3 months I was finally back on the Strabrechtse Heide and it became a pretty nice sunrise. The Grafven was big due to the rain we had the last couple of months and during and right after sunrise a little fog appeared on the fen. Great […]

A few months ago I found a beautiful lane in the Hubertusbossen in Heeze that has a nice row of trees on both sides but has one tree half falling inwards. Which would make a great image in my opinion if shot correctly. The first time I went there the […]

This location was on my list of todo’s for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed in the location. I was disappointed a bit by the weather but much more in my own approach (bot in preparation and execution) as I should have got a lot more out of it. […]

The last couple of months I wasn’t too happy about the content and setup of my Portfolio. With a long weekend (due to Eastern) and some time left I started with this work. I had some ideas to present and sort my photo’s differently and wanted to include a little […]

Next to my “OMWT/FW” (On My Way To/From Work) series I should make a “WWWOH” (While We Were On Holiday) serie as well, and this would not be the first and definitely not the last post. Anyway, we were in Esonstad, Friesland (The Netherlands) for a short holiday and of […]

Just like I did for my Nikon D7000, I am posting my camera settings for the Nikon D610 (I know it is a bit late as I have this camera for over a year now). The sheet includes (just like I did in the D7000 settings sheet) all my standard […]

After my failure of recreating some of my earlier photo’s of the Strabrechtse Heide in winter style, I thought of another location that I have been to that would suit a bit of snow. So I came up with the idea to go back to the Val de la Hoegne, […]

This was one of those times when you have an idea in your mind but you just can’t capture it. Not because of technical limitations but because the idea was just not well thought off. In this case I wanted to recapture a few of my favorite images (Strabrechtse Heide […]