I couldn’t resist a beautiful foggy morning like this and decided to make a quick visit to the Herbertusbossen in Heeze before going to work. It turned out to be a good decision as the sun was playing with the fog in the forest lanes and you can imagine the […]

With the recent purchase of a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/4 G VR Micro my lens line-up is complete (for now that is as you never know :-)). I had some doubt between this lens and the 200mm Micro but ultimately choose this lens as it fits in my bag […]

Sometimes things just don’t go as you planned and wanted but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. This was the case when Joep de Groot and I went for a shoot in the Malpie (a small heathland south of Valkenswaard). The sunrise did not match the forecast and as […]

If only I had prepared better the day before (see Report: Agios Gordios (2014-08-07)) and captured that beautiful sunset on this location. I had checked the Agios Gordios beach with Google Maps and thought that the south side (with some nice rock formations) was visually more interesting than the north […]

On the road – Route: Agios Gordios – Time: 1.5 Hours (21:30 – 23:00) – Total pictures: 15 – Comments:  Quick sunset shoot during and after diner Was just a few minutes to late with setting up so missed the best part Was so rushed that I forgot to zoom […]

After work I decided to drive to Katwijk as sunset promised to become beautiful and it started of really nice indeed. The sun just barely visible under a big storm front of dark majestic clouds, rain patches just short of the yellow/orange horizon made an amazing set for some photo’s. […]

After a nice day sailing we arrived at what can be described and thus also nicknamed BBQ Bay. We enjoyed the watersports, a couple of beers, a campfire and of course a great BBQ. In between all that fun I tried to capture the sunset and the sunrise the next […]

A couple of months ago I bought a MacBook Pro to be able to work on my photography everywhere I wanted instead of always in my study. I thought about just buying a normal laptop with Windows but since I also love my iPhone and iPad I decided to make […]

Left the home a bit earlier to do a quick shoot at the Zeelandbrug near Colijnsplaat before going to work in The Hague. Love the lines of the bridge (5000 meters long) that lead the eye to the distant horizon. And thus are great leading lines that lead the eye […]

On the road – Route: Sagiada – Time: 1 Hour (20:00 – 21:00) – Total pictures: 47 – Comments:  Sunset shoot at the harbor of the small Greek village of Sagaida Later that night we endured a terrible storm in the same harbor (which was pretty terrifying on a small […]